Metronome & Time Signature subdivisions

• Dec 22, 2022 - 04:16

I am working with a piece of music using a custom time signature (15/8) and the metronome does not do what I would like in that measure.

In 4/4 time, the metronome gives 4 clicks per measure.
In 2/2, it gives 2 clicks.
In 3/4, it gives 3 clicks.
In 9/8, it gives 3 clicks.
In 12/8, it give 5 clicks.
In my custom 15/8, it gives 5 clicks.

But in 7/8, it gives 7 clicks. This doesn't really help much when playing the tune because the notes are grouped as 3, 2, and 2. It feels like the metronome should respect the grouping that is part of the time signature.

For instance, in 7/8, the denominator is 8th notes, so I'd like the same grouping that is used for beaming to be used for metronome beats.

My customer 15/8 time signature is grouped 4+4+4+3, and that's how I'd like metronome beats grouped.

There IS a worked around, which is to add a percussion instrument and have it play where I want each beat. This works but it is terrifically tedious as a workaround.

My specific request is either:
- The metronome always respects the grouping used for beaming.
- An additional property by added and the user be allowed to add the grouping using the property.
- anything else that works for this!

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