Page moves to left, half outside the window.

• Dec 24, 2022 - 00:57

I am running Musescore4 on a PC with windows 11.
I downloaded score from the site. "Down to the River to Pray" I only want the lead vocal line so I used the instrument dialog box to delete the surplus staves. Once they were deleted the remaining first stave move aggressively to the left. Have of the page is outside the left border of the window. Even if I drag it back to the middle, it moves left even while I'm holding the mouse button down. I selected the navigator and tried to use that with the same result. If I play the score it jerks back and forth but still stays to the left. Closing and reopening the file did not help. Minimizing and maximizing the window did not help either.
It is unreadable like this.
Any ideas?


Its like the left arrow key is held down. It even does it with old files that had not glitches before. I have checked my other applications - this is the only software where this is happening.

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