Changing Playback Instrument

• Dec 24, 2022 - 01:17

How do you change the playback instrument with the Mixer in the new version of MuseScore? For example, with a choral arrangement before MuseScore 4.0, I could set the voices to be played back as a piano. I am unable to locate this feature in the new update.


Chiming in here with the same issue - in MS3 there was a drop down menu in the mixer where I could choose what instrument in the soundfont should be playing, whereas in MS4 I can only pick the soundfont. For MS Basic there is an instrument assigned to each one in my score (I write for brass band) but for Symphonic Sounds it's just quiet whenever I start playback since it doesn't know what instrument to use for a soprano cornet etc.

Same problem in linux. Someone mentioned a drop down menu in the mixer, but I have no such thing. Every "sound" is MS Basic and the instrument "name" is not clickable. In M.3 I could change the "sound" easily for a keyboard from grand piano to rock organ to FM electric piano. This problem renders Musescore 4 completely useless to me.

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