Linux: Qt widgets stop working, transparent dialogs

• Dec 24, 2022 - 05:27

I have to say that I hate fly-out menus anyway, so that part of the interface would never get much praise from me, but when they just randomly stop flying out, they’re even worse!

When this happens the main menu also stops working and dialogs become transparent, making it a memory & click-fest challenge to get them to do what you want.

This only happens after using MS for a while, opening & saving lots of files. After restarting, the interface is OK again.

I think this was happening in MS a while back too and was caused by incompatible Qt versions.

I’m using Manjaro Linux with the Cinnamon DM


Your initial post makes me think you've used MS3.x previously, but I can't discern if this post is about that version, or MS4 which has recently come available. Which are we talking about? Thx. Also, I'd definitely imagine Manjaro has the most updated Qt, right?

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Yes, this is MS4, but I have a vague memory of it happening with a previous version with one particular dialog. I’ll have to spend some time using the latest update and see if still happens (hasn’t so far). After a quick look, it seems a bit more stable & playback is better, but that may also be due to killing the 5 zombie MS processes I found.

Merry Christmas! (at least it is in Australia)

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To you, also, Merry Christmas! I have to mention the "really unique" thoughts of some folk today, about ours being a "flat Earth". Personally, I'm a 'Globe-er'. I hold that one has to fly with the curvature of our planet, to get from the USA to Australia. I wonder if Paul Hogan has any comments on this. :)

(We've got blowing and 4 or so inches of snow on the ground, a balmy 12F at present, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.)

It’s disappointing that this is still a bug. You can get around it by restarting, but that’s not really a good way to run a program.

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On the one hand, MS development appears to approach Linux user's with some attention / dedication... We should remember there are numerous distros, and THEN, all variety of desktops. Not the case with macOS or Windows. Us end-users may benefit if we try to be adaptive in our own worlds. For example, I have a strong suspicion that my current Ubuntu KDE Plasma environment (as upgrades come to it) is giving rise to certain MS menu windows that take freaking 1min 45seconds TO PAINT! Should I chase that problem? I've decided to migrate my whole MS install over to a Gnome MATE desktop. It's a ton of work, but because of the DM's difference, it should work far better w/ less problems.

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