Musescore 4 Cloud File Corrupted and Wont Open

• Dec 26, 2022 - 22:26

While working on a score it crashed, which isnt anything abnormal with musescore. However, I opened back up the application and tried to open the file (which was saved on the cloud) and got a message saying that the file was corrupted. After hitting ignore, I expected the file to open however, nothing happens. Im kinda disappointed and wondering if anyone has had the same problem? I dont have the score saved anywhere else on the computer and the cloud scores folder doesnt show the score. However, it shows on my account and on the home screen.

I am working on a Macintosh OS Catalina 10.15.4 Macbook Pro!


I just got Musescore 4.1.1 and am experiencing the same issue. My new cloud files will not open, and have the same message. Have you discovered a way to fix this?

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