Entering rests does not work correctly in Rhythm only input mode in MuseScore 4.

• Dec 27, 2022 - 09:40

In Rhythm only input mode, pressing 0 ought to toggle the rest button on/off, however, in MuseScore 4, pressing 0 erroneously enters a rest equal to whatever duration was last selected.

This function works correctly in version 3.6 but not in version 4.


The computer code to toggle (rather than just insert) a rest appears to be still there but there is no keyboard shortcut for it and no longer any ability to assign a keyboard shortcut. It is, however, still available under "MIDI mappings". As a workaround, I have allocated the rest toggle to a key on my MIDI keyboard. It's a little awkward but allows continuous rhythm input including the rests in a single pass.

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