Musescore4: Where's the Muscescore3 "Instruments" eqivalent?

• Jan 5, 2023 - 00:49

I used to go in under "Edit" from the menu in Musescore3 and the "Instruments" window was available at the bottom. In Musescore4 I can't find Instruments anywhere, so far. I did notice that there's a shortcut, letter "I" that also works in Musescore4, so I guess I'm OK for now even the option seems to have been moved elsewhere (or omitted entirely?) in Musescore4 .

What I'm really hoping to do is create a 2nd staff that automatically follows the 1st staff, in my case so that conventional notation will automically update along with tablature staff. That's something I used to have available in another piece of software. I can't remember for sure but I seem to think that I did get it going once under Musescore, without my constantly having to copy-paste from the tablature into the standard notation score. But I guess I ought to open up that discussion elswhere.


In MuseScore 4 a new "Instruments" panel was added, in the same place where Palettes, Properties and Selection Filter go. There you can add staves to instruments, hide them, or add other instruments. It also lets you choose the staff type so you can change it to TAB.

"Instruments" tab (left bar, next to "Palettes") -> drop down menu for the particular instrument -> gear button next to the particular staff you want to duplicate

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