MS4 cannot find a Muse Sounds Folder?!

• Jan 5, 2023 - 16:55


I've been running MS4 on a Macbook Air for a few weeks without issue. Suddenly, today, I opened my current orchestral score and the woodwinds had reverted to MS Basic sounds.

The screenshots will show that: (a) MS4 no longer recognises the Musesound Woodwind; (b) the folder with the Woodwind sounds is still present (and the spx files are contained within).

I cannot reinstall the Woodwind from Musehub because it is already checked (downloaded).
I have tried switching between MSBasic and Musesounds in the Playback prefs, but this did not 'force' it to take.


(1) Is there another way of 'forcing' MS4 to re-find the Woodwind?
(2) If not, should I reinstall MS4 / Musehub/ Musesounds / All of them ?

Thanks for the advice.


(Ubuntu Linux 20.04) I poked around my muse-hub folder and it's subdirs... If you have also done that, you likely noticed non-sound, config, log, status files there, some named such as ".dlcache". Some are binary files, but actually contain some text. ".dlcache" is a text file, and happens to have entries matching the downloaded instruments. It may be too risky to fiddle with MuseHub's config files - in an effort to nudge MuseHub to get the idea it should allow your woodwinds to be re-downloadable.

I wonder if this issue should be reported to another MuseScore support channel. I'm always uncertain about this.

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Thank you for the thoughts and for having a look about. I did the same, but without knowing what I was looking for, I didn't get far. I did try removing (temporarily) some of the candidate (corrupted?) files, but to no avail.

I also posted a similar thing under the General Discussion forum, and someone else has found the same issue. Not just me (not a Mac-specific issue).

Appreciate your time.

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