Timing of sounds/expressions

• Jan 8, 2023 - 17:31

I'm new to MuseScore, and just got Musescore 4 and MuseSounds. I'm wondering, is there a way to offset the timing of playback channels/instruments, and preferably also single notes?

They sound like complete amateurs, depending on which sounds are being used together :-D Staccato strings will play way ahead of time (or rather, the regular bowed ones are likely too late). I haven't tried many sounds yet, but I'm guessing that, generally, sounds with slow attack will be late and need a negative adjustment too arrive in time.

If this is not possible, I hereby highly request a feature to handle playback offset!


There is an advantage if folks here could download your score, to get the gist of what you're raising here. Can you attach that for us?

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I mean generally, to be able to be able to adjust playback timing to your liking. Depending on the piece (tempo, sound etc), you'd likely want different parts to be played on, or slightly before or after the pulse (Like....a double bass lagging on an upbeat jazz tune will make the whole thing pretty much fall apart). Some sounds have slow attack, and you may want them to lag...but you may also want the body of the note to be on the beat.

I notice though, that there clearly is some faulty programming in the MuseSounds library. E.g. the Choir seems pretty off. Try having those soprano's sing in time with other sounds 🤓

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