Musescore 4 doesn't run after showing the splash screen.

• Jan 8, 2023 - 22:14

Musescore 4 doesn't run after displaying the splash screen. I am running Windows 10. I started by installing the hub And it appears that all of the sounds, as well as the core program, are installed. When I click on Musicscore, the splash screen appears and after a few seconds, it goes away, but the program never runs. I eventually uninstalled the hub and Musescore 4, restarted the machine, and installed Musescore 4 without the hub. Unfortunately, this did not result in a successful installation. The splash screen shoes Musescore 4.0.0.



No answer unfortunately but I am also having much the same issue under windows 11, I start musescore 4, the splash screen appears for approximately 15 seconds of so, then.......nothing! I have even tried running the program as admin, same issue. very frustrating indeed.

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