Copy and Paste Musescore Into Word Document

• Jan 10, 2023 - 15:15

I am using Windows 7 to write a Microsoft Word handout on melody transformations. Can anyone tell me how to copy a staff from Musescore and paste it into this Word document? When I copy the staff, it will not paste (or paste special) into Word. Can this be done some other way? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Export your score as PNG image and insert the image into your document.
(I don't know if the screen snippet shortcut Win + Shift + s works under Windows 7)

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Thanks for your reply. I exported 12 bars of the score as a PNG image. Then I opened that file and selected all 12 bars, which I copied to the clipboard. I then opened the Word file and tried to paste the copied image, but was unsuccessful. The paste option didn't show up. There must be a way. I'll find it. Thanks.

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Thank you Timwmay. This method worked like a charm. I just selected the measure, went to the camera, positioned the rectangle around my selection to capture the image and hit "copy". Then I went to my Word document, found my spot and hit "paste".

Thanks to you, Jim6stringer, Robert Dusemund, and "mbvoc" for your helpful suggestions.

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The way you describe reminds me of a OpenOffice function that allows you to import .ly scores into OpenOffice via extension. This is not available with MuseScore 4 and was never present in previous versions. You can take screenshots or export to PNG. But you have to crop the images, either beforehand in a graphics program or with the crop function for images in Word.

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In addition to the camera technique, this is what I came up with. There may be an easier way, but this way worked for me.
1. For the sake of my example, I limited the score to a one measure “My Dog Has Fleas” file, which I then exported as a PNG file to my C drive.
2. I opened Microsoft Paint. Then I selected “open” and went to the PNG file on my C drive and brought the PNG file into Paint.
3. I then selected “home”, then “rectangular selection”. I drew a rectangle around the image I brought into Paint. Then I right clicked to “copy” which transfered the image to the clipboard.
4. Finally, I went to my word file, found the desired location, and clicked “paste”.Voila! The Musescore image came in right where I wanted it.

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As mentioned above, you can accomplish this in less steps:

In 3.6.2 there's a image capture camera icon in the topmost tool bar.

1) click MuseScore's camera icon

2) Move/Resize the box to outline the measures or staff you want and Ctrl/Command+C.

3) Open Word (or most any text editing software) and Ctrl/Command+C

I don't see the camera in MuseScore 4.


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Works like a charm!! Thanks. Using "Copy and Paste" commands instead of Control/command + C causes Microsoft Word to shut down. However, when it recovers, the pasted measures DO appear in the Word file. This shut down doesn't occur using Control/command + C. Many thanks for the tip.

I'll stick with Musescore 3.6.2, because Musescore 4 doesn't download to Windows 7.

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