Can't update score from MS4 once it's been uploaded via the site?

• Jan 12, 2023 - 03:32

So I uploaded several scores to MS4 only to realize that I did it from the site and thus they are MS Basic. I was wanting the Muse Sounds in the score on the site. So I opened the score I originally uploaded from the site and I went into Project Properties and edited the source field to be the link of the original upload. Then I clicked OK and went to File > Publish to hoping that it would update the score from the link I pasted into the source field. It didn't, it just gave me a new link.

I was really just wanting to update the scores, not reupload them. Is there any way I can do this if I uploaded the score originally via the site instead of the app, or am I just going to have to reupload everything from the app?

Scores I'm wanting to update:

Files that those scores came from:


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Well, I just happened to have a copy of the file back from when I was making copies of my MU3 files, opened that file, copied and pasted the source URL(that being the score I want to update), into Source in Project Properties, clicked on Publish to, and then saved the changes to the score on the site once it exported the Muse Sounds mp3 file to be used for the score on And it updated as it should have, it didn't give me 2 scores, the old and the new, I just had the newly updated score with Muse Sounds.

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