Realtime midi recording - to- note input, [ DAW-like hybrid]

• Jan 12, 2023 - 05:38

Musescore4 for beginners as Real-time midi score writing.

In keeping with the Musescore plan to make it easy for beginners:-

I am Musescore beginner, new to composing and an experienced software developers (CTO ). So I am stupid enough to expect ease of use for rank beginners from Musescore :)... and experienced enough to visualise how Musescore could be made more beginner friendly. To grow its appeal and to retain more users.

My journey began with a great tune playing in my head, loading Musescore, conencting my midi keyboard and getting absolutly no sound for hours LOL... whilst my priceless tune dissapeared into thin air lol :)

Doing a bit of brainstorming...Here goes a few suggestions that would give new users a great first time experience.

When loading Musescore:

0- Offer a 'Realtime-DAWdle' or doodle quick realtime recording to put ideas into a score for editing.

1-ask what the user expexcts and offer simple selection options.

a-Selection button: 'Record and Play a score 'Real-time DAWdle' ' midi keyboard recording (I did not know what a DAW was and expected Musescore to record exactly what i played on my midi keyboard... and since my music skill level is rubbish- i got stuck everywhere. ) The default of a new installation should be 'Realtime'.

b- Selection button: 'Advanced composer' formal computer based scorewriting for proficiant muicians . ( as is now..)

c- Selection button: 'Quick midi test' Offer a quick test /review of the settings which were last used. ie. a quick midi sound-check and connection trouble-shooting check.

  • I suggest to offer first time users a ‘real-time’ midi-Daw- type experience.
    Then switching/progressing to the excellent existing Musescore4 formal score writing as an advanced function of editing their DAW recording etc... This encourages newbies to explore Musescore4 functions and learn the integrecies of musicianship and scorewriting in a simpel fun and frustration free format.

*Technicall walkthrough to add a few data-variables to do build a DAW quickly:

Software logic walk through- In order of importance.

1- Listen to midi port:

2- Detect midi note or notes. (endless brakout loop itterations- to catch data quckly and cleanly.)

3- Measure the length of each note (or pause) - and assign a measure value to every note (based on the played time lapsed ie, “start=signal detected in midi port ‘-‘ signal terminated in midi port. = time measure”)

4- Measure inactivity and turn them into a pause-with time measure.

5- Display note and time measure(for every note)’ in the score. (simply wait for the key release to trigger this actions.)

6- Assign note type and duration/tempo to the musescore score writing/displaylogic. (add all tempo changes to Musescore notation- to illustrate th edifference between equal Tempo and read-time tempo-sounds).

*I think this is quite simple to implement, using the existing musescore4 functions and logic. So its just a simple com-port logic which calls existing Musescore4 functions to create a DAW experience.

If anyone out there is working on something similar, I'd be happy to conribute, bug-test and structure chart programming logics. (in case you can't reach me).

Best regards Rob :)


I came here to post a similar request. I want a 'true realtime' input that works like my DAW, where it just plays across the score with the metronome ticking and I can just play my keyboard and capture the performance directly into sheet music!

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