Copy a page exactly for use in a book of exercises.

• Jan 12, 2023 - 19:42

I am eventually planning to write a book that has exercises in all 12 keys. The exercises are just a transposition of each other, so all the double bars, rehearsal makes, and string indications (guitar), will be the same, and I just need to change octaves.

When I try to paste my first page, however, it only copies the music, not all the other notations. You can see on the document below how many things I would have to redo each time if I can't copy paste them. What does work is creating a new musescore file for each key, but having 400 musescore files for a book seems highly unwieldy and inefficient.


Ctrl+a doesn't mark it all?
I would add a page break at the end, mark all, copy and paste 11 times, then add the key changes and do some finetuning (at least I would expect it to work this way)

Can you share your score by attaching it here? That way, people can see what "all the other notations" are, and perhaps advise further.

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