Musescore 4 mscz files not actually compressed

• Jan 14, 2023 - 21:35

It seems that MS4 mscz files do not apply any Zip style compression on my Mac (macos 11.7). Zip reports the files are "stored". I'd expect some compression like 'flate' or 'lzw'.

Is this configurable or a real issue? Not applying compression means the files are large and consequently save very slowly. This might also explain why the auto save stalls the program so much.

Here's the evidence:

Archive: Saint_Louis_Blues_March__Glenn_Miller_-_Brass_Quintet.mscz
Length Method Size Cmpr Date Time CRC-32 Name

65938 Stored 65938 0% 01-14-2023 08:30 731a8c67 score_style.mss
6092368 Stored 6092368 0% 01-14-2023 08:30 8df900ca Saint_Louis_Blues_March__Glenn_Miller_-_Brass_Quintet.mscx
65937 Stored 65937 0% 01-14-2023 08:30 c613e4af Excerpts/B�?� Trumpet 1.mss
263208 Stored 263208 0% 01-14-2023 08:30 d8f7cb23 Excerpts/B�?� Trumpet 1.mscx

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