Corrupted file

• Jan 14, 2023 - 23:34

I am using the latest muse score 4.
I don't understand when it says the files corrupted. I was working on a 3 movement piece. And finalized today. Close it and now it says corrupted. I exported parts etc. But how can I trust Musescore to provide the engraving capabilities if it will be deeming a file corrupted. If I click ignore it opens it. But I want to make sure of two things:??

What is corrupted file under muse score. What is it referring to?
Is it an engraving thing or a file thing.

I need to be able to trust the software!


There are a number of threads in the "Support and bug reports" and "General discussion" threads. Also you'll find there people's suggestions how to try to fix some corruptions.

> Is it an engraving thing or a file thing.
Sometimes it is reported that the parts generation causes these problems. Remove the parts, save and open it again - it may help. Sometimes I found wrong measures, e.g. a whole rest and notes in it which does not make sense. The reasons are quite different.

> I need to be able to trust the software!
Yes, indeed!
In this case I recommend to still use the MS 3.6.2 version for now. It has also some minor bugs but much less then in this early MS 4 version.

If you have already MS 3.6.2 in use, try to export the score as mscx-File and open it in 3.6.2. There you may get a message about the problems. Don't click 'ignore' but on 'Details'.

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