Editing in New Chart

• Jan 16, 2023 - 15:34

Hi Musescore,

I created a New score for "drumset" that is filled with rests.  I tried to edit the first bar with the input toggle and selecting s quarter note.  I click in the bar, but the chart does replace the rest.  I played with this for 15 minutes and was unable to affect any change.   What am I doing wrong.  Please advise.


A drumset uses two voices, voice 1 (Blue) and voice 2 (Green). Voice 1 notes (cymbals, snares, and most others played with hands) have upward stems; voice 2 notes (mostly footwork) have downward stems. I'm assuming you entered a note with a downward stem, like a "B" for the bass drum. If you enter an "A" for the snare, you should see a note with an upward stem replacing part of the initial rest.
For a drumset, I recommend always using the "N" shortcut to enter input mode. You should see a table of the available "sounds" in the drumset. In that table, the blue notes are voice 1 notes and the green notes are voice 2 notes. A single click will give you the sound; a double click will add a note. The shift key works as with other note input.
You can also use to go from voice 1 to voice 2 and to go from voice 2 to voice 1.

Aaron Grosky

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