display mode

• Jan 24, 2023 - 12:37

In Musescore 3.6.2 I can make use of 4 display screens in portrait position, wherto I can expand any scorepage. This is very usefull to overview any partiture in ne or more pages.
In Musescore 4, however I can only use 1 display, no expansion possible.
I make use of windows 10, 64 bit and a graphics adapter of NVIDIA Quadro 620.
Don't know where the problem reisde, while the older Musescore version works well with it,
could you suggest a solution ?
kind rgeards
frans van kaam


Thanks for posting this. Related to this, I would like to be able to split a score window horizontally into two (or more?) windows, even on a single monitor.

This would be useful when writing a large (orchestral) score and you want to zoom in on the top and bottom parts of the same page simultaneously. Thanks.

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