Do NOT want playback to jump to beginning!

• Jan 28, 2023 - 16:35

Is there a way to TURN OFF the feature that jumps playback to the beginning if you click on a blank space in the score during playback. I keep having this happen when all I want to do is to click the score to move it around. Maybe there is a way around this, but I don't need this feature and would rather it just wasn't there.


I am guessing that you are using MuseScore 4? Its behaviour is a bit different from MS3.

Your problem is probably that you are clicking on a blank space within the staff lines of a measure. The effect of that is to restart playback from the measure which you clicked (not back to the beginning of the score).

If you click on a blank space either between systems or even between two staves, then the playback continues without interruption - and you can then drag the score to reposition it.

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Thanks for the reply; yes to clarify I'm using MS4, and in fact I've figured out where I need to click to start playback or not, but I keep forgetting so I still keep getting playback restarted when I don't mean to. It's easy forget where to click when you are concentrating on other aspects of the score. I would really rather just not have this feature work.

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