Musescore 4 Causes Crashes in Ableton Live and Possibly Other DAWs

• Jan 29, 2023 - 04:15

I recently installed Musescore 4 on my Mac and upgraded my operating system to the latest Mac Monterey. Since then, I have been experiencing strange Ableton crashes during CPU overloads. Normally, Ableton would just briefly hang when there was a CPU overload, but it never crashed. I initially thought it was the new Mac update causing the issue, but after trying multiple solutions, I realized it was Musescore 4 causing the problem. I uninstalled the program and the issue was resolved.

I love the sound of the MuseScore instruments, but unfortunately, it caused problems for me and I ended up having to use Musescore 2 again. As a music producer, I have to say that I am impressed by how great the orchestral libraries sound, and Musescore can hold its own against even the most expensive libraries. It is also much more user-friendly and requires very little programming to get a decent sound. However, the program caused problems for me and hindered my workflow.

I believe the issue with Ableton had something to do with the plugins. There were problems with some third-party plugins when I installed Musescore 4 and the program had error messages with these plugins during the installation. I hope this information is helpful and that a solution will be found in the future. Most importantly, Ableton users should be warned that there may be issues


Not sure if this helps you or others but, Musescore 4 also caused a lot of problems whenever I ran Ableton at the same time (both Ableton 11 and 12). However, I disabled the "midi remote control" feature in Musescore Preferences Midi Mapping section and my issues went away.

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