Guide Lines

• Jan 31, 2023 - 08:30

After just about going cross-eyed fixing up a scores' lyrics - some words had inexplicably moved, mainly down by 3.44sp - I had this desire to have guide lines on my screen to help ease my eye strain.

What I envisage is the ability to place temporary horizontal and/or vertical lines onto a score to assist in finding and correcting positioning issues. Any of such lines to have one or more handles to move them about, e.g. ,move a vertical line horizontally or a horizontal line vertically.

To call them up use some key combination such as Ctrl + _ (underscore) or Ctrl + | (vertical line) to toggle such lines on or off.

I such a feature already exists - Please let me know.


You could add a horizontal line to a score and make it light grey. This would be easily moved and could be made invisible via the inspector, (or by pressing "V").


Alternatively, you could select all lyrics, (right click a lyric > select all similar), and apply a vertical offset in the inspector.

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