3.6: Don't spread out staves to page's extremes

• Feb 1, 2023 - 12:57

Hello everyone

I have this sheet music (see 01.png), and I want to keep only two staves on that page, so that it looks like 02.png. However, when I add a page break, it results in 03.png, where the second staff is moved way down the page. Is there a simple way to tell MuseScore to just keep the staves in their existing position, when adding a page break?


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What setting do you have in this menu option?
Format > Style > Page
Is it: Enable vertical justification of staves
or: Disable vertical justification of staves

You need:
Disable vertical justification of staves
and in particular:
Disable vertical justification of staves > Max. system distance > (reduce it)

Having said that, your chosen layout is very unusual. Publishers usually spread staves evenly from top to bottom of the page.

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