Adding sixteenth notes between eighth notes

• Feb 3, 2023 - 04:30

Can someone please tell me how to notate sixteenth notes in the treble clef that are IN-BETWEEN running eighth notes in the base? MuseScore wants to always line them up so they sound simultaneously, rather than consecutively. See attached showing how MuseScore lines up the notes above and below. I have made multiple attempts to figure this out without luck.. I am using MuseScore 4.
Thanks in advance!

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The solution is voices. Otherwise the picture posted was absolutely correct. The upper stave starts with a 2 beat half note, the lower has 4 eighth notes totaling 2 beats. The sixteenth note SHOULD line up with the eighth note directly below it, and not in between, assuming all are entered in voice 1. To get a note that is played before the half note ends requires using a different voice. But since the OP posted this back in February I doubt he is monitoring replies any longer. If you have a problem, post what exactly you are trying to figure out.

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