Blurry UI, Black borders around dropdown menus - Scaling issue?

• Feb 3, 2023 - 16:25

Hi, I'm noticing since version 4 that all dropdown/right click menus have a black border around them, almost like they're supposed to be bigger but don't take up the full space.
Everything also looks a bit blurry in general, like there's too much anti-aliasing or like there's some sort of a scaling issue going on, making things badly resampled instead of pixel perfect.

I'm on Windows 11, system scaling set to 100% using 2 Full HD displays.

Anyone else have this issue? Is it fixable?
Muse Score 4 UI.png

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I'm not using the dark theme and I don't appear to have any borders around the menus (even if I switch to the dark theme). I agree though that everything looks a bit blurry/fuzzy. Definitely not crystal clear.

Paul vP

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