Option to change the playhead to the way it was in MuseScore3

• Feb 5, 2023 - 18:35

The new playback looks better visually, but the old playhead was way better in terms of demonstrating a melody in music theory videos. Example: https://youtu.be/SVRuNOFZTUk?t=200 (at 3:20). I think an option to bring that playhead back would be nice


U mean it should be a bar instead of a line? And all the notes should get highlighted as the playhead goes through? Yes I agree.

100% agree. About to make a video and was looking to see if I could change the playhead to how it was before. I guess I can still use MuseScore 3, but the audio on that stopped working after an update (and nothing I have tried after reading all 1000 suggestions has worked). Double work to use audio from MS4 and visuals from MS3, but would be even more work to highlight notes in video software. Would LOVE the option for the "classic" playhead!


I'd certainly like to see a choice of playhead styles. V3's was good and I too prefer it over v4's.

But for reading along over long scores .com's measure highlight behavior is the best, because there's less stuff jumping around in the visual field.

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