Issues with Scores not showing on two computers MS4

• Feb 5, 2023 - 21:10

I've started many different scores using my MacBook and iMac since downloading MS4 . It seemed like everything saved online was showing up on both computers but as I add more it's not doing it. Is Score Manager still a thing? I tried opening a score from MS3 and it seemed to open but it crashed when I did some editing. Are there issues with opining MS 3 scores in MS4 ?


Sounds like you save scores to the musescore.COM score repository, under whatever account/profile you established there. Do you not save your scores locally? When you add more (scores to the repository), WHAT is not doing WHAT? Are you able (or have you tried) to save locally on one machine, then transfer them to the other machine?

How did the MS3 program crash when you opened (presumably) a score from the .COM repository? Any error messages? What behavior?

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Thank you
I off and on used MS3 for many years but with 4 I’m getting serious. I saved everything on my computer with 3 but with 4 I was prompted to save online which is an awesome feature and at first my scores were showing up on both laptop and computer but lately I’ve noticed that some are not. Is this for the score manager button at the bottom left is supposed to be used? E3087B4A-13A3-4715-A4DD-519404CF2D54.jpeg 0C9BFD54-5D62-4225-8E24-34DEBB082E37.jpeg
So my first scores loaded up on both devices but then the green underlined scores did not.
Thank you again I’m just trying to make sure I am doing everything properly. I will try and re-create what happened with the crash. I think it involved editing a MS3 score that had been converted to MS4.

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Many thanks for that handbook link. I think I know what to do now?

So 99% of my scores in versions 2 and 3 were just formatted lead sheets.
So now I want to save them as lead sheets, then make a copy so that I can arrange them for small ensembles.
I tried this with the two songs that have duplicates on both computers. I don’t think I did it correctly. I just saved and change the file name with “ score”added to the file name .
I think I was supposed to “ save a copy “ ? Then the lead sheet is saved to the computer and the copy is then my new file for developing adding instruments . I think that is what the handbook was saying?

Any suggestions on doing this would be much appreciated.

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