• Feb 6, 2023 - 14:36


MuseScore allows, thanks to the ornaments palette, to make mordents.

In the example below ((screenshot 1 attached), it has been shown that the mordant is made with the upper second major

However, the use of the major second interval is not appropriate for all degrees of a scale.
In this example, the key is C major.
In the first bar the English horn plays a C, in real note. The mordent must be C-D-C, using the second major
In the second bar the English horn plays a B, in real note. The mordant should be B-C-B, using the minor second.

The use of the major second introduces a C#, a note that is not in harmony and creates a dissonance.

In traditional music notation, the mordent sign can be accompanied by an accidental  to control the desired interval. (screenshot 2 attached)

This possibility of rating would be interesting.

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