Harp Glissando help

• Feb 8, 2023 - 03:13

I've been transcribing a score onto Musescore and need some help/pointers to make this harp glissando right.

The score also mentioned "(B#, E)" earlier in the score, what does that mean? The score is in F major if that helps.

Any and all comments will be helpful. Thank you!!

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I have only the most marginal knowledge of notation for harp. Can you attach a screen capture that shows from the score where "(B#, E)" are mentioned? Those could be advisory PEDAL settings for the harpist.

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I've included harp in some of my compositions, but in all cases my harp notation treats the harp like a piano. I tried to invite people on this message Forum who are knowledgeable about harp to advise, but didn't get any comment. There are likely harp-centric message Forums out there. And online videos that share info about the harp's notation (and performance) idiosyncrasies. I wonder if only when one of our compositions (or transcriptions) is actually undertaken by a harpist for performance, would we get any helpful advice.

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