Music and Naming it

• Feb 8, 2023 - 12:26

So I was composing some music to play and I was going to name it something but I cant find how to name my music, Please Help!


You could name your music based on the instrumentation & style of piece: "Fast Waltz for Piano & Clarinet".
Or, something descriptive / programmatic of the music's character: "Melancholy Serenade for Guitar". Or just whatever strikes your fancy. My last 4 uploads to musescore.COM were named: "Marimba & Vibraphone Mini Concerto", "Oblongotus Eccentria Musicorum", "Thirty Fingers". "GentleWomen & GentleMen Need Each Other". If what you're writing is a composition that explores playing technique, 'etude' means 'study': "Etude No.3 for Trumpet".

Is it possible that you're not referring to thinking of a name for your piece, but you just want to know how to change the title text at the top of the score? Just double-click the title, make your changes, then press Esc.

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