Migrating Scores from Muse Score 3 to $

• Feb 14, 2023 - 22:01

I am fairly new to muse score and was finally able to download Musescore 4. Problem is, all my scores are on Muse Score 3. I am logged into both but can't figure out how to migrate my scores from 3 to 4. I am on a MACBOOK. Any suggestions much appreciated. Still learning all the features of this program.
thanks so much
I. McDonald


Create copies of all your MS3 files (or, if they're all in one folder, just create a copy of that folder). In the new folder, open each file in turn in MS4 and save it. No need to do this all in one go, just do it as you get around to editing files.

You made the copies because there is no (easy) going back from MS4 to MS3 file format.

I know that I, of all people, shouldn't make fun of an honest typo--but I wish I could find a way to translate my Mu3 scores into $$$$ :-)

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