Connecting stem between voices instead of pause

• Feb 19, 2023 - 19:45


I am currently trying to transcribe a guitar piece with two voices. As you can see in pause.png, the note A should sound through the three 16th notes, this is why I am using two voices. Obviously my first voice has a pause there, but how do I hide that pause and connect the bass note with my first voice like in no_pause.png to hide the pause?

Thanks for your answers!

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To achieve what you desire you need to press the "N" key. You will see something like the subpucture no. 2 in the attachement. Hover the cursor over bass note (3) and press the left mouse key. Two voices will visually merge (4).
This algorithm complicates a little bit if your lower and higher voices have different noteheads (5). They will not merge. There is a workaround: select (left mouse key) the notehead which you would like to remove (the first voice in this particular example). Check the box "Hide notehead" in "Properties" panel (press "F8" or visit View-Properties). You will see the correct engraving as a result (7, 8).
I also recommend unchecking the "Play" box of unwanted noteheads (5), although it is the matter of taste.
The half note on the subpucture no. 8 looks grey but I assure you that printed or exported version of your score will look correct. Uncheck View-Show-Show_Invisible to make sure of that.
Hope that helps.

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