Flying Mountains

• Feb 27, 2023 - 19:13

"Flying Mountains" is a 9 movement symphonic suite that I composed in 2004. I was able to dig out the old Finale playback files, export them from Finale Notepad 2012 as Musicxml and import them to MuseScore 4 to render them out. The movements are labeled as chapters in the video. Each movement is derived from cryptograms on iconic roller coasters. The musical ciphers are portrayed in melodic and harmonic material as well as minimalist ostinato patterns throughout the suite. Some movements feature limited sections of the orchestra, including expanded percussion, woodwinds and the addition of electric guitar.
Permission was obtained for the use of trademark roller coaster names.


Carl Irwin


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No. This suite wasn't originally written on Musescore (in fact, I don't think Musescore even existed at that time). I had to import the files via xml and the tweak a new playback file to get the results that I wanted. The M4 playback file wouldn't be usable as notation, and I have the work registered with ASCAP... so it's not going to be posted.

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