Cymbals not sounding in 1 score but sounding in the other?

• Mar 1, 2023 - 19:27

So, I've been working on transcribing classical music scores and I have 2 so far with cymbals in the instrumentation, both by Beethoven. The first and the one for which I still have quite a bit of music left, is Wellington's Victory. I had to export the MusicXML to MS3 cause it was being so laggy in MS4 that I was worried it would crash on me. As a result of using MS3, the cymbals have their full crash sound on the fifth line of the staff, if that makes any difference to what the issue I'm having is.

The second is the little Polonaise in D for Military Band WoO 21. This I made in MS4 directly without importing back and forth between MS3 for notation and MS4 for sound, and it has the full crash sound on the middle line of the staff. In both cases though, I'm using the Piatti sound from MuseSounds and have the cymbals set to Full Crash.

And here's the issue and it has to do with piano dynamics. In Wellington's Victory, the cymbals are sounding at piano, just quieter. In the Polonaise in D for Military Band WoO 21, they aren't sounding at all in piano dynamic passages, even where it's notated that they should be playing quieter, like absolutely 0 motion in the mixer channel. Why the difference? Is it cause one is imported from MS3 and the other is not? I'm sending just the selection I have rather than the full score for Wellington's Victory so that you don't run into the same lag that I do with the full score in MS4.

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