Playback not working properly

• Mar 3, 2023 - 14:53

I have a piece that will require being played a total of 4 times. I have right-clicked on the last measure and changed the measure property play count to 4. However, when I play it back on my computer, the notes sound the first two times and after that the notes stop sounding even though the playback line moves across the measures to indicate that something is playing. Most times this wouldn't be an issue, but I use my computer to play the accompaniment in rehearsal for my bell choir. They need to be able to practice coming back at the beginning of the next verse every time. Any suggestions? Thanks.


  1. You will always get a better , more detailed answer if you attach your score (.mscz file) to your post. The score file contains all the settings which people on this forum will examine to find the root of your problem.
  2. As an emergency fix for your practice session, why not set the play count to 2 and then restart the playback manually when the cursor returns to the start after the repeat?

Thanks for the information on how better to ask for help. I'm new to this and am happy to have folks help me out.
As for hitting repeat manually, that's a possible work-around, but the goal is to not have to stop between verses, but to get as close to how it will be in worship as possible -- no pauses, just going on to the next verse.
Thanks again for whatever help is possible.

I had the same problem and solved it accidentally. For export I was pasting all the measures and forgot to set the play count back to 2. So I had a total of 6 repeats being played. My conclusion was that the play count works as long as it's not the last bar of the piece. Then I deleted the pasted measures and just left one empty bar in the end. It works.

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