Notes with sharp signs have invisible noteheads when exporting to pdf

• Mar 4, 2023 - 05:33

I have been trying to export a composition into a pdf in musescore4, but the two notes with sharps keep exporting with invisible note heads .
Help would be very much appreciated!

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First Melody composition.pdf 30.56 KB


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It seems that several notes have been deliberately made invisible in your score, so it is not surprising that the PDF also has missing notes. See the attached score with amendments.

Are you perhaps making the notes invisible by accident? The shortcut key V will toggle any selected element between the default (visible) and invisible. Any invisible elements (noteheads, stems etc) will appear as grey while you work on your score but will be completely invisible when you generate the PDF.

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First Melody composition - bis.mscz 21.31 KB

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