I/O Audio device "System Default" doesn't detect changes to the system default

• Mar 7, 2023 - 07:03

Musescore, I have preferences -> I/O -> Audio Device set = "System default".
I have both headphones, and speakers.
I usually want audio to play back on headphones, but sometimes my kids want to come in & hear what I'm working on. When I click on the Windows Sound Output button (bottom right of task bar) and select "Speakers" instead of "headphones", then hit play on MuseScore, It still plays back on headphones.
It should auto-detect changes to the default playback device, like all the other apps do... It's lame that I have to either close and re-open the app, or go into Musescore's settings menu -> I/O, and change the playback device in there.
Minor bug, I suppose. But it would be great if you could fix it. Seems to come up every day for me.
I'm on Win11 Enterprise, 10.0.22621.

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