MS 4 launches multiple instances

• Mar 13, 2023 - 07:28

Since upgrading to MS 4, I find that each time I open a new arrangement a new instance of MS 4 is also launched.

In other words, instead of having all my open docs visible in one MS window, I have (for example) 4 completely separate instances of MS running. This is less than ideal as it means I can't see instantly what I'm working with.

Instead, I have to scroll between the different open instances to find the doc I want to work on. It also means that MS is using more system resource than it should.

Any ideas why this is happening?



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Thanks for pointing these links out.

I appreciate the idea behind this, but I have to agree with others who say it makes working with MS more difficult and less efficient. Tab scrolling through instances (particularly when other apps are also open) gets tedious after a while. There's also the increased system load to consider.

Just my two cents.

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