Feature request: When editing text, OPT-DEL (MacOS) deletes the previous word.

• Mar 16, 2023 - 01:06

Personally, I make heavy use of this shortcut to delete the previous word, when typing text in general.

MS does have CMD-DEL as well as OPT-DEL to do this, but I propose that this is non-standard. To support this statement, please check out the following applications (MacOS):
Notion, Text Edit, MS Word (also CMD-DEL), Google, iCal, Apple Notes (also CMD-DEL), DayOne, Kindle, Spotify, Finder, 1Password, Preview, Netflix.

I see that MS does have CMD-DEL to delete the previous word.

I propose the following commands, which are all reasonably standard in today's applications:
- OPT-DEL : Delete the previous word
- CMD-DEL : Delete to the start of the line
- OPT-left-arrow : Move the cursor to the start of the previous word
- OPT-right-arrow : Move the cursor to the start of the next word
- CMD-left-arrow : Move the cursor to the start of the line
- CMD-right-arrow : Move the cursor to the end of the line

Note: For Windows, modify the above appropriately.
Note: In the MU3 manual, CMD-DEL is not mentioned under Text / Keyboard shortcuts / Text edit mode.
—Whatever decision is made, the MU4 manual should include the result.
Note: I tested the above on 'Expression text', 'Stave text, and 'Title text'.

Note: I see that UNDO does not work properly with text operations in general.
- The focus changes from 'edit text' to 'object selected'.
- Multiple history actions are clumped together.

MS v 4.0.2
MacOS 13.1
Macbook M1 Pro


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