Volumes and panning are still disappearing after the file has been saved

• Mar 20, 2023 - 01:12

Is it my computer or is it a bug? Why is it that after I change the volumes and panning, save the file, close it and then open it again all the volumes and panning are gone?! It is so annoying! I always have to restore the volumes and panning before I can do any further editing! Besides, when I open a file, which was saved, say, yesterday, it is right away opened with an asterisk next to its name as if some modifications of the file have already been performed while it has been only just opened! What's going on?!

If it's a bug, why has it not been fixed yet? It has been happening in my case since the very first day MuseScore4 beta was released! And it is still continuing until now. And it was never like this with MuseScore3. Why is it so? I've already mentioned it on the forum here several times, but things are still the same.

Or is it my computer? If yes, how can I verify that it is my computer? Could it be a virus? What should I do?

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