Force System Breaks to override page settings

• Mar 20, 2023 - 05:33

Hi, i'm looking for a way to force system breaks to enforce their placement with absolute authority. I'm working on a transcription of a jazz solo which consists mainly of modal 32nd note runs. Since it's modal, accidentals are everywhere. Mix that with 32nd notes, and you get measures that throw the entire format out of sync. I've tweaked my page and measure settings for over 20 minutes now using the information I gleaned from past posts to no avail, measure 39 is still ruining the 4 measures to a line, 32 measures to a page format. Surely there must be a solution to this problem.
I do not care how ugly it makes the score, let the accidentals overlap the notes that precede them if need be. My only stipulation is that the music must remain at 1.75mm scaling at minimum, otherwise it would be illegible when printed.

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Another thought - measure 33 has a half note rest, but insists on using a huge amount of space after. I've reduced it's size, and the size of all the measures involved in the offending line with the { and } keys, but the system break still fails to work as intended.

Observe 4 measures to a line, 32 measures to a page format:
Robert Rook Solo_2.mscz

Unchecking 'Auto-place' in Properties will allow measures 39 & 40 to fit on the same line.
Additionally, if desired, cue size can be selected for those notes to mitigate overlaps. Format > Style > Sizes is where 'Small note size' (i.e., cue size) can be tweaked.

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