Plugin Request: Identify the velocity or dynamics information for each note in a chart, and enable exporting as text, similar to notelist plugin.

• Mar 21, 2023 - 14:12

I have looked into the notelist plugin, and while it has high accuracy in note recognition, it lacks the ability to display the dynamics (velocity) for each note. Perhaps this is a difficult task to accomplish. I have reached out to the author of notelist, but he indicated that it is not an easy task. Therefore, I am seeking assistance here. Is it really an extremely difficult task to modify the notelist plugin to recognize the dynamics (velocity) information for each note?

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Thank you for your help. I have now resolved the issue by using the Python parsing library music21 to extract information about each note, which can then be integrated into the notelist plugin. However, at my current level of proficiency, I am unable to develop a Musescore plugin and therefore cannot update the notelist plugin to include new features.

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Of course, it is easy to parse elements containing "dynamics" in the music21 library and list the measure and beat information of those elements. After obtaining the part information of the element, it can be matched with the results of the notelist (these are just simple numerical correspondences). You can try ChatGPT, and it can definitely help you retrieve dynamics information from an XML file, and obtain the measure and beat information of elements containing "dynamics". However, the part information needs to be obtained separately. For example, in the music21 output, the part information of each "dynamics" element is located directly above the element's nearest "part" element.

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I apologize that I am unable to provide you with the complete code right now as I have also discovered that your notelist cannot recognize arpeggio and grace note information. Therefore, I am still in the process of parsing these elements, but the work is almost complete. If you are unable to handle the "dynamics" information, I can provide you with the complete code and approach to match it with your notelist in a few days

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I'm sorry, but due to some errors, the attachment was not sent. Now I need you to provide me with your email address via private message. This is because this is the MuseScore community, not the Python community, and I don't want to mislead other people who may be browsing this website.

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