Can't open Musescore 4

• Mar 22, 2023 - 11:57

I have a Matebook E with Windows 11 and can't open Musescore 4. Musehub is working fine. I tried start as Admin but that didn't work either


I am having the exact same problem on a Windows 10 desktop, the rage of not being able to work on my projects is intangible. I have tried with restarting my computer and uninstalling BOTH musescore 4 and musehub. When I open the program it closes merely 1.5 seconds after opening.

Okay I actually solved the problem on my end — I use a focusrite sound card, and when I changed the Sample Rate to make it smaller, (not only did the entire computer's audio come back, but) it opened Musescore 4 again!

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