SoundFonts & VSTs won't load

• Mar 22, 2023 - 16:14

Dear Folks,
I've checked the last few months of forum questions, and have not seen mention of this problem. The Sound Fonts and VSTs installed with the program seem written in stone. I can't delete one that I don't use, and can't install new ones, no matter how often I specify the correct directories in Preferences, Folders.
Anyone else had this hassle? Any thoughts?
In advance, many thanks!


What operating system? Which program are you referring to: "...installed with the program seem..."? We're talking about Mu4.x, correct? Does this problem follow a specific score, or generally? Would you attach a score, or at least get a screen capture of your setup in Preferences->Folders?

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Thanks for the reply. I'm using MS4.02 on two different Windows laptops; one is Windows 10, the other, 11. The sfx/VST files I've been trying to install are as JAZZsf2 set […], which installed easily on both Computers; Sforzando, which installed easily on the Windows 11 [Acer] laptop, but stubbornly refuses to install on the lenovo Windows 10, no matter how many different MS4 directories I copy it to; and Virtual Playing Orchestra 3 [], which works on neither. (I installed the version with sfz files rather than the one with .wavs.] Interesting; when I changed the filenames in VPO3 from ".sfz" to "sf2," they show up individually in the soundfonts menu, but in the same folder as the JAZZSF2 set. I tried un-re-installing MuseScore once; perhaps I should try again?
Again thanks for your help.

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Hi I was really interested in the jazz instruments link you provided. However their blub shows: "- JAZZ INSTRUMENTS (TRUMPET,FLUTES,TUBA,TROMBONE,CLARINET,BASSOON)"
Whilst the cover photo shows a sax player, they don't have a sax font (it would appear). But are the rest of the sounds better than the Musesounds in MS4? And have you managed to get them working yet?

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The instruments they have are pretty great, generally better than Musesounds, at least so far. (The Yamaha grand piano is the best I've tried of any piano.) And, yessir, they work just fine.
The lack of saxophone9s) is a drag, but not surprising. I have yet to hear a single one, save for the tenor on the old Yamaha XG1000, that doesn't sound like a duck being asked to contribute to the Jehovah's Witness Children's fund..

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