Arpeggio for note held multiple measures not held in playback

• Mar 23, 2023 - 16:25

I'm using MuseScore 4. I find that a note held for several measures works fine in playback, but if you add an arpeggio at the beginning, the note is only held for the first measure.


I think that the OP means:
"If you add an arpeggio at the beginning, the CHORD is only held for the first measure"
Like this example (score attached):

What I hear as the playback cursor enters the last measure is a quite abrupt reduction in volume. It's not a total cutoff at the barline, but it is much more sudden than the natural decay I would expect to hear.

Play the example score to hear "with arpeggios" and "without arpeggios". The difference is striking.

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@DanielR... Good example.
I have noticed the poor behavior of arpeggios in MS4 when compared with MS3.
Open this (your file) in MS3:
(Sounds okay, yes?)

If you wish to hear something far worse, open this in MS3:
(Here arpeggios are present to create the playback effect of 'strumming a guitar', but made invisible.)
Then play the same file in MS4.

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