Rehearsal marks behave inconsistent

• Mar 26, 2023 - 18:48


After struggling with the Layout in Sibelius again (!), i just gave MuseScore another try.
it's been a while since i tried to work with musescore. Version 4 looks and feels much nicer and organized! I like the direction it is going, but there are stille several weird things.

For example the behavior of rehearsal marks:

Setting rehearsal marks:

If you select a bar and klick on the rehearsal mark button (or drag it to a note/rest), it sets a rehearsal mark (A, B, C, or A1, etc), attached to the first note/rest of the bar.
This makes sense.

If you select a note/rest and klick on the rehearsal mark button (or drag it to a note), it sets a Rehearsal mark (A, B, C, or A1, etc), attached to the note/rest.
This makes sense, if you want rehearsal marks in between bars.

If you select a note/rest and use the Shortcut (⌘+m), it forces you to enter a letter/number for the rehearsal mark. It is attached to the selected note/rest.
Maybe there are cases, where it's useful but most of the time its just an additional step.

If you select a bar and use the shortcut (⌘+m), it doesn't work at all. MuseScore tells you, you have to select a note/rest to make it work.
This is the worst behaviour, because it would be the fastest method to add a mark.

Other issues:

If you have 2 rehearsal marks (A, B) and add a new one in between them, it creates A1. If you want A1, A2,... ok... Probably not common, and not the expected behavior but you always can 'resequence' them.
BUT if you add another mark after A1, it won't be A2, it's 1. huh?

The setup for 'bar number rehearsal marks' feels like a hack, but if you know how it works, its ok.
But if you add bars in between, the rehearsal mark don't update automatically. If you resequence, you can fix this, ...
BUT if you add the bar before the first rehearsal mark. it kills it completely and sets the marks as consecutive numbers.


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