Convert to musicxml from the command line with new pages

• Mar 30, 2023 - 21:36

When exporting to MusicXML from within the Musescore application, i can choose "All layout" to get in the new pages in the .musicxml output.

When using mscore from the command line, i can not control the export options, and i can't get the a musicxml conversion with new pages in it.

Is there some way i can either:
- Control the export option i need from the command line
- Automate Musescore export via a plugin
- Get a recompiled build of musescore with the needed default export options set

Any guidance here would be much appreciated, thanks.


It appears the mscore command from MuseScore3 does include page breaks in its default export, whereas Musescore 4 does not. I can work with that for now.

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