Notes don't fit in measure

• Mar 31, 2023 - 22:26

I am copying a song and when I get to certain measures the notes will not fit and start going into the next measure. Does anyone know how to correct this error? IMG_20230331_140817238.jpg


How many notes do you expect to fit?

There are four quarter notes worth of duration in both of the first two measures. If you have a 4/4 time signature then that is as it should be.

What does the music you are copying look like?

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Thanks for answering my questions. The music is 4|4 and I am copying from a song. So I don't know why it would not fit. I am sending you a picture of one of the measure that will not go into one measure like the original copy. Measure 37 is the measure in question. treble clef staff.

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Thanks for replying. Sorry for responding so late. I think I figured what was going wrong. The score was in 4/4 but when I got to this certain measure the actual in measure properties would change to 17/16 I thought it had to be. 4/4 and I kept changing back to 4/4. The notes would no longer fit in the measure. When I realized it had to be in 17/16 to fit my problems were solved. Or at least I think that is correct thanks.

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I think you are wrong. Measure 37 in the picture that you uploaded has a triplet on the second half of beat 3. I have ringed it in this picture.


You can tell it is a triplet because there is a figure 3 below the group. I strongly suspect that you have entered three standard sixteenths and not a triplet. How to enter a triplet is described here.

If you need more help, please upload the score (,mscz file) that you are working on and (if you have not already provided it) a picture of the measure you are having difficulty with.

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Steve unfortunately I was not able to get these measures to come out correctly. The triplet would start to expand into the next measure. I followed the instructions for triplets but was still unsuccessful. I am sending you some pictures of the five measures I could not get to come out correctly. If you like I could send you the score. I would appreciate your help again. This very frustrating to me. Thanks Greg.

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I wrote, "If you need more help, please upload the score (,mscz file) that you are working on"

That is .mscz file, the score you are working on , the one you are editing, not .jpg file a picture of the score you are working on.

But first see if you can follow jm6stringer's instructions. Please read them carefully.

There are too many images posted here, plus another song "Oh My Soul" which doesn't have triplets.
So, let's just do the triplets in measure 41 from the first song:

Here are the steps to follow:

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