Entering lyrics but hyphen, space, right arrow don't seem to be working now

• Apr 1, 2023 - 01:30

i'm working on a horn part, but I'm adding lyrics and chord symbols as cues for keeping in the right place in the song. Where there are not notes for the horn part, I've been breaking down the rests into 8th note rests to attach the lyrics. Somehow, the keyboard shortcuts hyphen, space, and right arrow have stopped doing anything to help me to move from one syllable to another.
Using Musescore 3.2.3 on Ubuntu Linix.


Stopped as in stopped dead, won't do anything or stopped as on not doing what you think they should do? Lyrics are attached to notes, not spaces.

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Stopped doing what I thought it would. After experimentation, it appears that by design lyrics are attached to notes, so arrow, hyphen or space go to the next note and ignore any rests, even though I want some syllables to be attached to rests. I'll just need to select each rest, then cntr L to add a lyric syllable to it.

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