Inserting guitar chords in Musescore

• Apr 1, 2023 - 01:54

I would like to know how to insert guitar chords into a line in a score which also contains voice, wind insts, strings, piano, etc. Any kind of help offered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am a wind player. I know nothing whatever about playing guitar or writing for them. Their notation is about as different from mine as Tamil script is from Arabic and English.


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Yes. Thank you. Now can I ask another question which will doubtless sound dumb? If I don't know the chords that need to go in, where can I find some to choose from and test them out? Or something like that. This is like being in another country where I cannot speak the language and haven't even got a phrase book.

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Ah well that is not a dumb question but it is an entire music degree/higher school exam learning right there! However take a look at the score I sent you. It is "correct" as regards the chords (correct meaning it sounds ok to my ears). To get MS to play chords you click a note, press Ctrl K and type the chord you 'want'. If it sounds awful, try another!
But you'll notice I've coloured a couple of notes in red. We'll have a go with those notes

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So on and so forth. "A dim7" could be another chord and there are lots more. Put the chords into your music (as described above) and see which ones you 'like'.
Also a good starting point would be to check out Marc Sabatella's courses (free and paid versions on YouTube) to learn this kind of stuff. Hope that helps.

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