Glissando/tremolo assistance

• Apr 2, 2023 - 03:46

I'm trying to have the violins do a glissando, preferably while also doing a tremolo. I'm looking for a way to have the playback do the glissando as a slide rather than play individual notes. The different playback options don't seem to work correctly, other than chromatic which plays the individual notes - the others all play the starting note and hold it, until switching suddenly to the end note. I'm new to using the software so I could be missing something in the settings. Is it possible to have the playback slide the tone smoothly? Thank you


Slide as in 'portamento'? I have my own, unresolved issues with portamento in Mu3 / Mu4 . But here is a thread with some info on the topic.

You may find people will reply, saying, "it works fine for me". And you may come across scores on the .COM repository that have portamento(s) that sound perfect. They must have figured out something that perhaps you (and I) have yet to grasp. :(

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